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Triangular oscillator - Operational amplifier slew rate - IV part

The fourth article in series about triangular oscillator is intended to explain operational amplifier slew rate parameter since it is important parameter when you are dealing with signal generators like it is square wave signal generator. Op amps are not ideal as any other components, and it is important to know how to choose right operational amplifier for signal generator applications.
Slew rate
Operational amplifiers are not ideal components as any other electronic components and/or devices, there are a lot of different op amps designed with different slew rate value as it is presented on Figure #1. Slew rate is the parameter which determines how fast operational amplifier is able to change output signal/voltage regarding input voltage changes. The higher the slew rate value means faster operational amplifier and vice versa. Internally, operational amplifier slew rate parameter depends on the compensation capacitance Cc, very small amount of integrated capacitance (here you can ask y…

Triangular oscillator - PWM square wave signal - III part