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Feel the force around you – Frictional force Part V

This is the fifth article related to the frictional force in order to explain how to calculate required DC motor torque, first necessary step before we proceed with a DC motor selection from real manufacturer catalogs.   To proceed with torque calculations, we will be concentrate around figure number 1, which presents wheel on the incline surface with angle theta. Incline calculations are general, because they cover zero angle scenario. The wheel has weight as any other object and it is a force, with composite nature . First component of the force push object to the ground, generating at the same time normal force in the opposite equilibrium direction ( cosine part of the weight force ). Figure 1. Wheel on the incline, with angle theta. Second force is pulling force, sinus part of the weight force , with tendencies to roll wheel down the incline. Sinus part of the weight force works against wheel rolling in the upward incline direction. To roll wheel in upward i