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Fake VC830L digital multimeter

This article is intended to explain some bad things about cheap digital multimeters since these devices are available in large quantities in Serbia. The key point of this article is security since cheap digital multimeters are not tested/produced according to standards. VC830L is one digital multimeter available in electronics distribution stores in Serbia, but we will avoid company names, since this article is more about “ pay attention before you buy ” cheap digital multimeter. The VC830L is about 10 euros, you cannot expect too much, but if you are not able to buy professional digital multimeter which costs over 100 euros, you will certainly buy the cheap one. Front mask: VC830L digital multimeter. The part interested for us is security so let see what we actually have regarding VC830L digital multimeter. It has three input connectors, starting from the left side: we have connector for 10 amps, common connector (COM) and the right one intended for voltage, r