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Programmable autonomous vehicles – Fundamentals, Part II

If we look inside ourselves and think about what makes us autonomous beings, we can conclude that those are two components: intelligence and senses. Everything we see, feel or hear, our intelligence processes in terms of making conclusions/decisions. If we want to give machines a point of view it’s clear that we have to equip them with senses – sensors – electro/mechanical devices that allow a certain level of autonomic behavior. The choice and practical realization of the sensors is the next step after choosing a motor, device driver and microcontroller, about which you had a chance to read in the first part about programmable autonomic vehicles . Types and sensor selection Like DC motors, sensors selection depends on the tasks that programmable autonomous vehicle completes. So we have: sensors for detecting objects in space (Infrared and Mechanical Sensors), sensors for measuring temperature/humidity of the room (Temperature and Humidity Sensors), sensors for DC motors (En