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DC motor torque vs DC motor speed

This blog post article is intended to show you the relation between DC motor torque and DC motor speed for the provided PWM signal and frequency. It is covered by three different video clips for three different PWM modulation signals. This is initial version of the blog post and it will be changed in time. In the near future more video clips will be presented with different types of motors in order to show you how DC motor torque and speed depends on each other regarding provided PWM modulation including DC motor current consumption. Pulse Width Modulation (in short: PWM) is control method with possibility to apply different voltage levels to the DC motor wire coils. Here we are dealing with DC motors with only two wires controlled in these examples by SERPENT I DC motor controller and VF driver (variable frequency driver - new zilsel-invent product ) . VF driver PCB is built as a prototype version with the thermal transfer method . It is not intended for professional PCB man