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Low pass filter and voltage stabilization

This article is intended to explain voltage stabilization since it is important in order to provide electronic device stability. Without voltage stability, proper functionality of the electronic device is question mark , since voltage noise can appear on the voltage signal. Ideal power supply voltage signal is nothing else th a n constant signal in time, without changes. In reality, 100% smooth signal all the time does not exist. In some period voltage noise appears and voltage oscillate around ideal voltage point. For example , ideal voltage is set to 18V. At the beginning of the time frame voltage is ideally smooth, but at time t1 noise appears and voltage level is dropping to the 4VDC (VDC = V olts DC ). This kind of oscillations are not welcome since variations under power supply voltage signal is automatically reflected to the rest of the circuit which leads to the improper electronic device stability. Figure #1. Low pass filter and voltage signal stabilizati