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SERPENT II - Pit VIPER Rattle - DC motor controller

SERPENT 2, Codename Pit VIPER Rattle, is independent ecosystem DC motor driver/controller designed according to the IRF3710 power MOSFET transistor. IRF3710 is bases, but it is possible to use any IRF3710 replacement, which fits into the TO220 package including pin configuration. For example IRF540 is also suitable replacement instead of the IRF3710 power MOSFET. Of course, it is important to pay attention on maximum continuous DC current related to the power MOSFET, since the PCB (printed circuit board) is designed to handle IRF3710 57 amperes of continuous DC current, as it is declared under specification.
If we look closely to the electrical schematic, Pit VIPER is nothing else then four channel current amplification circuit, but it is intended for DC motor control. For details about current amplification follow this link: power switch as current amplifier. As any other DC motor driver designed by zilsel-invent, Pit VIPER is consisted of two parts: first part is related to …