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Independent platform i.e. independent ecosystem

Introduction Most manufacturers of developer kits primarily intended for hobbyists of electronics (but also for professional use) produce the same by creating their own ecosystem. Secondly, virtually all have modules for one and the same thing, but the difference is that they differ in connector, i.e. the way they connect to the development board. The connectors and the way they are organized actually define the ecosystem. If you look a little better, you can notice that in the embedded world there is actually no standard that will clearly define how one board must look like, what its connectors look like, where the power is located, where is the processor, etc. So there is no standard that defines it, and all manufacturers take it for themselves to organize their ecosystem as they think it is best. The situation is completely different in the PC industry where you have a clearly defined standard of how a motherboard, for example the ATX format must look like, where is the